Thursday, 17 June 2010

Wash your cares away, worries for another day...!

I think the Labour party, having not been completely annihilated in the election and although their Leadership candidates are hardly setting the world alight, are going to take to opposition rather well this time.

With cuts imminent and the best economic course uncertain, they quickly manoeuvred themselves into the position they are likely to maintain through opposition and this was apparent long before they’d lost the election.

They are the party of ‘the people’ and they are holier than thou. Of course just as it is the right of a new government to blame the former administration for so many woes, it is the right of opposition to claim that various problems and situations did not happen and would not have happened on their watch.

(For instance #neverhappenedunderlabour trended on Twitter a few weeks ago. Started by Campbell and his minions gleefully indulged him. Of course according to him the Labour comments were the funny ones and the Tory comments lacked humour. I suppose the latter included the comments calling him a massive c*** and his book a f***ing load of bull***t and a disgusting waste of trees…)

Head stuffed firmly up own ar**

“If only I could…”

This opposition standpoint is of course completely hypothetical and similar to people saying the Tories would have let the banks bomb. It is all essentially meaningless because it can never be proved.

Considering the scale of the catastrophe Labour oversaw and the unsustainable scale of public spending and debt, I think Labour really are pushing it with the self righteousness. However, it is in their nature and so many are keen to believe it all, because they are the self appointed saviours of the working man.

I find most politicians patronising at the best of times, but Labour politicians, especially while on the defensive as they have been for some 3 years, are thoroughly patronising.

Where do they get this moral authority? When Brown oversaw the expenses scandal and three of their former MPs are facing criminal charges? When the likes of Byers, Hoon and Hewitt are caught trying to offering to wh*re themselves out? Just to point a couple of major problems with the sanctimonious bull***t, especially from scum like Campbell.

Campbell reads a book about self righteous c***s

‘Who wrote this s**t?!’

Labour did come through all of that relatively unscathed, but there are a number of reasons for that, which I still intend to look at one day.

Speaking of patronising, how about some of the BBC’s coverage of public sector, of course the Corporation itself being fearful for the future under a Tory regime.
For some good objective journalism they wheel out a few sad little faces… On the weekend I saw a librarian from the North East:

“What do you think of the impending cuts and possibility of jobs losses?”
“Please don’t cut me…”
Awwww… Nasty Tories!

I’m paraphrasing of course… But we have sympathy for a librarian because they work for the public good and it’s not some nasty banker, we should have spat on them as they left Lehman Brothers with their belongings in boxes. Probably full of diamonds and bundles of filthy notes, the b**tards!

“Granny killer!!!” *

(* Please see below for reference)

Of course I have sympathy with any average worker and the low paid (I’m one of them!!); it’s not a good situation. But after two years of hard times for almost everyone else, I just can’t accept this blinkered view.

The problem is the focus, it is not the services that should be cut, they just need to be run more efficiently and it is backroom staff and operations which need to cut back. I will come back to this point in my next post, it is very important.

Labour’s standpoint on cuts and the handling of the economy in general, is relatively simple position to hold. They don’t have to deal with any of the fall out and they don’t have to get their hands bloody in any way.

Just a quick analogy, that is far from perfect – I’m not a Tory supporter but it’s like someone smashing into a car, causing a huge pile up, then walking away to criticise the emergency services. “Oooh they’re not doing a very good job, not helping everyone…”

Or having a massive party at someone else’s house, carrying on until the funds have run out or have been cut off and everyone moans as a care taker comes back to break it up and clear everyone out. “Killjoys!”

I think there are plenty of analogies (much better, more thought out…) that could be made, but I have no doubt people will ignore the obvious problems with Labour’s rhetoric and their responsibility for the situation. The supporters are already doing as such with reckless abandon and apparently quite enjoying opposition.

I mean take for instance Tweets from Labour supporters that followed Labour MP John McDonnell saying he would like to assassinate Thatcher.

“I like how (The Tories) rage about a joke about killing 1 OAP whilst gleefully introducing cuts that'll actually kill loads of 'em” (* So by way of causation...)

“Unlike Thatcher McDonnell has never *actually* assassinated anyone”???

Apparently only Labour supporters have a sense of humour, but I’m not sure about their sense of proportion… All of it smarts of ‘Evil Tories, they used to eat babies don’t you know. Yes, in the 1980s…’

I used to hate them as well, but some of the sniping is verging on pathetic and after 13 years of government it seems very hollow now.

But it is true, Labour in general do have a sense of humour. They certainly like taking the p*ss. They show us the way to have a laugh through adversity.

They p**sed billions up the walls in their final days, knowing full well they were likely to lose the election and therefore effectively all responsibility would be relinquished. Worth getting it in, f*** the debt piling up!

Worth it because they know they look good for all the projects given the green light and services they have funded on the tick, there was even the chance of swaying votes for the election, but more likely, they knew the new government will always look bad as they have to take it all away. Boo! Tories! Boo!

And so it has begun. The Government have announced cuts and a review of the spending in the last months of the Labour administration.

And Labour weren’t satisfied with that level of p*ss taking, Liam Byrne left his ‘joke’ note for the incoming chief secretary to the Treasury. He said he hoped that David Laws’ sense of humour wasn’t a casualty of the coalition deal.

Did he really think it wouldn’t become public? If so surely someone that stupid shouldn’t hold public office? And if he did know really then he must think everyone needs to get a sense of humour apparently. If you’re stuck in a sh*t job, facing the sack or unemployed because of the downturn, the least you can do is laugh at this c***’s joke. It lightens the day…

In the Independent article about today’s announcement Liam ‘Joker’ Byrne is quoted as saying the last minute spending only amounted to 0.05% of total spending, but does that only suggest the massive scale of Government spending?

And also since he admitted there was ‘no money’ left, well we'd have had an extra £9 billion, you f***ing w*****r!

Still Labour continue to attempt to look like the party of the people and humour, but they are very selective in both respects. Who they help and who and what they take the piss out of…

So who has the moral high ground?

Stephen Byers?

Geoff Hoon?

Elliot Morley? Jim Devine? David Chaytor?

Liam Byrne?

Who do these people speak for?

And who do these people represent?

It always brings me back to their "Future Fair for all?", but there is no doubt it would have been fairer for some than it would have for others.

More to follow on the nature of the cuts in Government spending and the tactics of the Labour party, and rarely forgetting their epic Leadership Contest...

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