Tuesday, 13 April 2010

What's that coming over the hill...?

I haven't yet had a chance to look at any of the manifestos and I will but I'm stuck on Labour's manifesto cover. I haven't got round to the cartoons yet...
See below the last four Labour party manifestos and spot the difference? (Hastily arranged and not sure about 2005 one, not sure if Tony Blair is actually holding it...)





Do you think the family would be staring in wonder at their apparently bright future, if they knew what was over the hill...?

Yes, I can see the PR thinking behind it. Especially if John Prescott was involved…

I don’t actually believe in bringing personalities (or appearances) into an election campaign. It's not right and quite often it's not fair... However, with a presidential style TV debate in the offing and a campaign that is almost certainly going to be devoid of original and/or potentially effective policies, it's what’s going to happen anyway.

There’ll be time for policies later, so back to Labour’s cover art. I’m really enjoying the look of it and I’m thinking this definitely could have been lifted from some WW2 or Cold War propaganda. That could be a nuclear attack they’re witnessing. They’re cowering in the second picture of a sequence, or perhaps the father shrewdly remembers to ‘Duck and Cover’…

Prescott could have altered this one

Put Brown’s face over Mao and you’re away...

Anyway I can’t wait for the weekend, so I can actually get some time to look at the campaigns properly. But everyone should be careful during this election…

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