Monday, 12 April 2010

Manifest Vacuity

Time is never on my side. Eight hours at the coalface and four hours commuting a day... Only my own heart bleeding so far.
The launch of the manifestos and the impending televised debates are the main stories from the election campaigns today. I wonder how many average voters will take the time to read any of the manifestos and if they do will they find much of interest? Anything that sets out a clear agenda and differentiates the parties.
No I think the debate is more likely to interest the viewers. Though again will there really be any substance to it. There won’t be any heckling apparently, so most of the fun will be taken out of it… Except the leaders might heckle each other, if and when the debate goes beyond reasoned arguments. In which case it’s a pity John Prescott won’t be there. Rambling nonsense in never ending sentences and repetitively talking over the opposition, maybe ending the debate with him lamping the presenter, is exactly what the campaign needs, at some point…

I want to have a look at all of the manifestos, not sure how far I’ll get with them, but Labour’s did look particularly interesting today and I’m sure there will be plenty in the press tomorrow. They have a cartoon. And I won’t comment until I’ve seen it in full (or as much of it as I can take), but I’ve used the word ‘patronising’ a couple of times for good reason. Perhaps they’re taking that accusation head on and trying to be deeply ironic and it’s terribly amusing. But I doubt it…

And I love the poster. I know Prescott came up with the barely intelligible slogan, but did they let him have a go at the poster as well? He just copied that from the Giant Book of Propaganda!
If they win I’ll be looking forward to this ‘Future Fair’. Will there be dodgems...? I know for certain they’ll plenty of skanky geezers on every corner out to stitch us up and take us for a ride…

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