Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Momentary lapse of reason? – Roger Waters can’t help diving into the Falklands dispute…

So now Roger Waters has waded into the Falklands dispute, following Sean Penn blundering in, as discussed in the previous post.

Well to be fair to both of them they were in the area, apparently specifically asked to comment and one doesn’t like to be rude to the host (Waters in Chile, but on his way to lucrative concerts in Argentina...).

And Roger Waters has something more of a history with the topic and perhaps interest in it; the Pink Floyd album Final Cut was inspired by the 1982 conflict.

Clearly he has issues, he’s sung about them for a long time, and it seems he stated “I am as ashamed as I possibly could be of our colonial past” and this apparent internal strife can lead to very tortured music and lyrics, as well as some confused political beliefs. As with Sean Penn, judging this dispute along long held beliefs, Roger Waters thinks the Falkland Islands “should be Argentinian."

Then it seems he later drifted into the realms of contradiction, going on to add that; “they (residents) are British, aren't they, so they have a point of view and there is a case to be made.”

Roger Waters


This is part of the reason confirmed Leftists (mostly British) run into trouble and tend to avoid the subject:

- They ‘know’ that “colonialism” is bad and the islands are much closer to an independent nation, other than a major European former colonial power or the U.S. (let’s leave it at that for now…), so that must mean they have a rightful claim over the islands, surely…?

- Yet there is a long settled population that wishes to remain under British rule, and the independent nation in question does want to annex originally uninhabited islands to control oil and it’s effectively the same political aim as a formerly Right wing military government, that launched an unprovoked attack and invaded the islands in the not too distant past…

Must be confusing for people who think the world is now both righteously and neatly aligned against the old evil European and U.S. dominated world (while not thinking about all the other tin pot dictators and oppressive/aggressive regimes throughout the world)…

Roger Waters performing The Wall

'Which side you on..?'

He did admit in a separate interview that “it's not a simple situation”…

But again being fair to Waters, he’s over there, it’s a relevant topic and he has a track record on the subject.

Sean Penn still seemed to hang on to his black and white version of both history and current affairs.

He didn’t think the “world today” would tolerate Britain’s colonialist ideology, well as things appear to be coming to some sort of a head in the run up to the anniversary, while Roger Waters’ comments broke and mentioned in a linked article above; the Argentinian government has instructed many of their leading companies to stop importing British products.

How very diplomatic at this “sensitive” time. I wonder if Sean approves?

And does he believe the ‘world today’ will tolerate this deliberately antagonistic trade sanction as part of an imperialist objective to secure territory for oil?

Who knows many countries probably will accept it, but not because the world is the place that Penn and Waters and so many in the Left believe it to be.

Hugo Chavez and Sean Penn

'Are you with us Sean..?'

With all the self righteous rhetoric spewing over the debate this is a ridiculous action. The Argentinian Government are beginning to show very clear signs of desperation and could actually make David Cameron and his Government appear in control... They were quick to denounce this action.

But where do we go from here..?

Roger sees walls everywhere he goes...

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