Sunday, 6 February 2011

Me want your tax money!

Times are hard for the Coalition and there is the possibility of going officially going back into recession. This would be the 'double-dip' Labourites claim the cuts are leading us into. As if any of them are economic experts, they just seem to be wishing the nation into the state of affairs, for obvious reasons.

If the Government cracks and there is an election, the current polls are suggesting something that isn’t altogether surprising, considering all of the circumstances.

But this pair in charge of the country??!


The very idea sends a shiver down my spine; it must do for most people in the private sector and should concern anyone with a genuine understanding of social and economic issues.

I can’t believe that anyone can take these people seriously!!

Ed Balls supports British food producers

The Cookie Monster is only interested in consumption...

Ed Miliband just can't believe his luck

Bert just misses Ernie, but he puts on a brave face...

Well somehow the Labour party has found itself in such a state that this pair are the best they can offer. And at the end of the day, this is where Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at Oxford can get you. As socialist icons?!

Look at Comrade Miliband!

Although I have to say, the term ‘socialist’ is banded around rather cheaply these days.

But what do these people know? By the time the silver spoons had slipped from their self-righteous mouths, they were already working in the political arena. What do they really know about the challenges faced in modern society by the vast majority of the electorate? Let alone the supporters of their own party.

Although most of those supporters are either champagne socialists themselves or too one-eyed to see it any other way. And of course what difference does it make who leads the party to the dependent, guaranteed vote..?

Apparently Balls and Miliband are economists, with little or no practical experience outside of politics and the media. And economics is far from an exact science. All of these people are peddling theory and which side of the spectrum they sit on to preach and/or enact their version, is dependant on the random circumstances of their privileged upbringings, not bitter experience.
The Milibands would have been influenced to some extent by their father Ralph; a Marxist intellectual. I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that he wouldn’t have seen his sons as ‘socialist’ (as Ed apparently admits), though to afford his sons the upbringing they had, he shouldn’t have been surprised the way they turned out. Ralph died at the very beginning of the new Labour era and it seems an old Left wing joke about the family's politics sums up the reality of the party’s development – Ralph Miliband argued that the Labour Party would never do anything for the working class; his sons are going to prove it.

The two Eds are very much of the New Labour world, they are self righteous because they grew up with a particular view of the Tory rule through the 1980s and they have maintained their outlook through the Labour party machine.

I supported Labour from an age of political awareness, through the 90s and after their victory in 1997, however, experience and perspective have made me reconsider my views. Once in the machine, genuine reflection is something which is virtually impossible for these people. Especially in a party whose renaissance was based on its media image and maintaining the party line. To break rank would mean the collapse of the very foundations of their entire understanding of politics and indeed the world and ultimately, it would cause the collapse of their tiny minds…

As far as I’m concerned they don’t know how to run the country any better than a good percentage of the population, but they are conceited enough to rise to their current position. All they know is economic theory, the political world and political spin. To some they talk a good game but to me and many others, it is transparently thin. And everyone should be concerned.

All you need do is listen, really listen, to some of their ramblings. Mr Balls and his “Growth Denier” sound bite?! Desperate? That doesn’t even come close. It barely even makes any sense. “Deficit denier”; surely that is to deny the severity of the problem, ignoring it, effectively denying its existence. So a ‘Growth Denier’ does what now? The government denies there is growth?! I think his meaning is that members of the Coalition are denying the validity of certain proposed methods for creating growth; they deny the economy growth, access to growth..? Whatever, it’s not really the opposite of ‘Deficit Denier’, nor along the lines of ‘Holocaust Denier’.

The Left lap up this drivel.

Irrespective of his point, the fact is; it’s not very catchy. And it’s meaningless sh*te. So it hasn’t caught on.

This from a man who, according to the BBC, speaks “fluent economics”. Yeah thanks BBC, unbiased as ever... Now I’ve never studied economics, but I know when I hear bulls**t.

(The "fluent economics" was stated on the news completely straight faced and in what seemed to be a positive tone, here is perhaps a more balanced view from a BBC employee.)

That particular Ed talks incessant cr*p and the other one, the uber dork ('gimp', in my terms…); Ed Miliband, will never be far behind. I mean he was as clearly shocked as everyone else that his party put him in charge. He obviously hasn’t had time to think his strategy through.

His insistence on maintaining universal benefits and allowing the rich to claim child benefit, smacks of a fair amount of contradiction. Such benefit has to be paid for at some stage, at a time when every penny counts and much of their rhetoric is based on helping the poor and vulnerable, every pound paid in benefit is lost somewhere else.

It’s about maintaining a sweetener to a section of society they have to win over to swing the balance of power. It’s very New Labour and it is ridiculous.

Ed can’t leave the past behind

Or the past won’t leave him…

Who really screwed over Alan Johnson..?

‘Who put this thing together Ed?!’

Ultimately it is quite apparent why they do get so much support and so many people are willing to allow these Muppets access to power. They like to spend money, no matter where it comes from and the consequences.

No such thing as a free lunch?

Ed Balls is not so sure…

'Me want your tax money!'

Om nom nom nom!!!

No-one in the private sector should be happy about the possibility of a Labour win (except perhaps those depending on large public sector contracts, so, er.., those in an effective extension of the public sector). However, if Balls were able to enact his plans for handling the deficit, it would be those in the low and middle end of the private sector who’d pay the biggest price, through taxes and worsening conditions, as the rich seek to maintain margins and the public sector returns to luxury.

The bottom of the private sector will be the section of society that's made to “pay for bankers’ mistakes” and for the maintainence of the massive dependency on the state. Labour may have introduced the minimum wage and holidays for temporary workers, but that might as well be ancient history (and the Tories are not likely to withdraw such benefits), as the lower end of the private sector has already been squeezed from every side for a number of years.

Labour are either too blind to see it or they simply do not care and they have not been made to care. They did not get the bloody nose they deserved in last year’s election. Their guaranteed vote and a fearful vote maintained their support and now as difficult decisions are made; the polls look good for the party.

They haven’t changed, they won’t change (the child benefit policy mentioned above is a good example, but it is clear from virtually everything they say). Do people really want more of the same? Or for that matter a greater lurch to the Left, higher taxes and more dependency.

In some ways it’s actually a pity that they didn’t win the last election, because their continued failure would have seen them out of power for a generation. It at least would have led to some genuine self-analysis in the left. But their culture of dependency, manufactured over 13 years and probably devised some 16 years ago, has consolidated the position of this New Labour incarnation at the centre of British politics and in the mind of the country’s electorate, as an altruistic and righteous form of government. It is a sham. They may get re-elected in effectively the same form and that is concerning.

The Coalition is a long way from perfection, or even good Government, but I believe we are talking in terms of lesser of evils… At the moment.

The problem is quite apparent; bribery works. You’ve just got to be in the right groups to be rewarded; part of the Labour gang…

Spot your favourite New Labour figures…

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