Sunday, 15 August 2010

Ignorance is Strength

Too much time spent dealing with work and the inept management of a major British company. But briefly back to the political arena and although the New Labour years were characterised by the struggle for the middle ground and blurring of party lines, the cuts and the issue of public spending are certainly redefining the divisions in British politics.

Labourites are taking to opposition with relish; I think they find the partisan nature of the British political landscape comforting. It always settles back to the same old same old…

Here’s a good example, where with the coalition of Tories and Liberal Democrats we could be seeing a style of Government based more on consensus than ever before.

Gordon Brown did already try to move into this territory with his “government of all the talents”. However, as with everything else during his premiership, it was b**locks. While one might imagine it would be Tories, with their support of First Past the Post and therefore confrontational politics, who would be against inclusive government and the politics of consensus, it is in fact becoming apparent it is Labour and the Left that stubbornly refuse to give any ground and are more than happy to revert to the old politics. Remember the Crewe and Nantwich by election.

While they have neglected their former core support they are quick to attempt to pander to old political prejudices to gain favour. It’s pathetic.

John Prescott taking well to the “New Politics”, accusing Alan Milburn of ‘collaborating’ with the Coalition, along with others.

Maybe they’re infiltrating John. Get back in your bin

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